HKS Coil Over Kit for Civic Type R (CTR)

HKS HIPERMAX MAX IV SP Coilovers for Civic Type R (CTR)

Front = -23mm Preload Height with Adjustable range of (-15mm to -38mm), 12kg/mm
Rear = -26mm Preload Height with Adjustable range of (-7mm to -50mm), 10kg/mm

This “HKS MAX IV SP” is the ultimate sports model. It’s a perfect street sports model suspension for people who love to drive fast but still want comfort.

  • Single Tube Damper Design
  • Dust Boot
  • PNE Coating
  • M Shaft (Φ46 normal type)
  • Adopted Pillow Ball Upper Mount
  • New Design Needle
  • Reduction of Unsprung Weight
  • 30 Step Damping Force Adjustment
  • Suitable damper setting reduces unnecessary movement in sports use, which also improves drivability and creates more grips on
    tires with fast response in cornering. Increasing the spring rate reduces the body roll, and the single tube inverted type provides
    sharp and direct handling.
  • The camber adjustable pillow upper for the front side and original upper mount design for the rear side.
  • The separated type of spring for the rear side utilizes the direct coil spring with selected rate.
  • Error canceller is available as an optional part. This cancels the error message that appears when the stock suspension is removed.



※ CEL comes on if the stock suspension is removed. CEL can be canceled by an error canceller that
is available separately. This product is compatible only with Civic Type R.


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